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Roots in automotive going back over

100 Years

MST Cars has evolved from our family business, Motorsport-Tools, based here in North Wales, UK. Successfully trading since 2008 supplying parts and equipment to the motorsport industry, with family roots in the automotive trade going back over 100 years, with hardware shops in our local market town Pwllheli, and later in Criccieth.


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Based in the heart of Wales, where rallying is part of our lives and culture, the company has evolved from originally selling tools and equipment for the motorsport industry to a specialist supplier of Escort Mk1 & Mk2 parts.


Today Motorsport-Tools has become the world leader in the development and supply of Escort Mk1 and Mk2 parts as well as a supplying a wide range of high end motorsport parts and equipment.


After building up a massive stock range of nearly all parts required to build a new rally car, the natural step forward as a company was to actually offer complete fully built cars. 2020 marks the first year for new road registered MST Mk1 and MST Mk2. 

Bringing everyone together to build

The Ultimate RWD Experience

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The team that makes it happen

Behind every successful project there is a great team of people. We have brought together a great team of very passionate and enthusiastic people based here in North Wales as well as specialist partners further afield across the UK.


Our teams are involved in both the Motorsport-Tools UK operations, as well as MST-Cars and covers a wide range of specialist areas including: Research & Development – Design Engineering – Welding & Fabrication – Bodywork – Assembly – Electronics – Sales & Marketing – Finance – Supply Chain & Logistics – Information Technology


If you would like to be part of our team, please check our careers page for current vacancies

Evolution of a legend

How things have changed

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The most successful rally car of all time!


The Mk1 Escort was launched in 1968 and evolved into the Mk2 in 1975. A simple and practical design that works as well today as it did 50 years ago. The Escorts dominated the world of rallying throughout the 70’s, winning the RAC rally every year between 1972 and 1979, making the Escort model the most successful rally car of all time.


Today we bring you a car based on the classic proven design and bring it up to date with today’s modern technology as a road car or competition rally / race car. Keeping the original rear wheel drive layout and updating the drive train with a modern more efficient and powerful engine with state of the art electrical systems and features such as programmable ECU’s, power steering etc.


The future is looking good

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Road, track or rally

Modern cars of the 21st century have become generic and lacking in character, they are very difficult to modify and customize due to complex assembly and electrical systems.


The Classic rear wheel drive Escort Mk1 & Mk2 is the total opposite, a simple car to work on, that can be easily modified and upgraded to build your own unique vehicle. A car that handles extremely well on the road as well as on the rally stages, a true driver’s car.


We believe that the package we have on offer, a naturally aspirated , rear wheel drive –  ultra responsive, rally inspired car is what you want. Our aim is to continue the development of this classic car and make it even better.