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Millington Racing Engines is a British race & rally engine manufacturer, well-known for producing the high performance, state of the art Diamond Series Engine. With over 40 years’ experience of designing, building and manufacturing competition engines, Millington Diamonds are widely known as the ultimate engine choice for motorsport applications worldwide.

The Millington Diamond is a 4 cylinder, all alloy, 16 valve engine but unlike other naturally aspirated competition units, the Diamond Series is a purpose built race/rally engine. Whereas high production, road based engines are heavily modified to extract every last unit of power, the Diamond reliably generates a tremendous spread of torque and power

The Millington Diamond Series II engine can be supplied in variants from 2.0L to 2.8, in tarmac, gravel, circuit or hill climb trim


Tractive Motorsport Transmissions is world leaders in sequential gearboxes and is the gearbox of choice for top end rear wheel drive rally cars as well as racing and off road vehicles, Tractive also develop and manufacture a range of transmission parts including differentials, shafts and associated parts. Designed and manufactured in Sweden.

MST Cars, use the Tractive 6 speed sequential gearbox in our Mk1 and Mk2 ultimate spec cars, and is the gearbox of choice when running the Millington Diamond engine. We also use Tractive LSD differentials and half shafts for high end motorsport applications.


Ravenol Oils

German-based Ravenol is well-known for developing high-performance lubricants for the automotive sector and is an established name in the motorsport industry. Ravenol produce a large range of products including engine and transmission oils, hydraulic oils, greases and other industrial supplies.

Ravenol is now one of the most popular lubricant brands in the motorsport world, working in partnership with manufacturers, race engineers and drivers to develop some of the most advanced racing lubricants available today. By reducing wear on critical parts, reliability is improved, performance is enhanced, fuel consumption is lowered and costs are kept in check.

Ravenol is involved at all levels of Motorsport, up to Formula 1 and is now the Official Lubricants Partner of the AlphaTauri Formula One Team. RAVENOL lubricants are available for supply directly to the their development centre in Italy and we are currently developing a new generation of lubricants, specifically designed to lubricate racing car parts operating at the cutting edge of motorsport technology.

MST Cars recommends the use of Ravenol lubricants in our cars


The original Minilite wheel, probably the most successful competition wheel of the 1960’s and 70’s. Originally developed as a magnesium competition wheel for the then revolutionary new Austin ‘Mini’, its success meant that it was soon to be seen on many of the serious race and rally cars of that era including the Works Escorts Mk1 and Mk2. A new iconic style was born, and to this day, all genuine Minilite wheels are made to that original classic design. Manufactured exclusively at the Minilite factory in the UK, Minilite wheels are ‘Low-Pressure’ die cast, in high grade aluminium alloy, CNC machined, 100% pressure tested, and finally powder coated for maximum protection.

The original Minilite wheels are supplied as standard on MST Cars Mk1 and Mk2 as a 13” wheel option


RT Quaife Engineering Ltd is a global leader in motorsport drivetrain, supplying motorsport users, volume OEM and commercial customers with a wide variety of precision engineered products for cars, motorcycles and specialist use vehicles.

Quaife have been manufacturing Escort Mk1 and Mk2 gearboxes and differentials since the 70s, originally focusing on the Rocket 4 speed and type-9 gear boxes and LSD units for the English and Atlas axles. In more recent years Quaife have developed a wide range of sequential gearboxes, in particular the 60G 6-speed sequential which is very popular in modern Escort rally cars.

MST Cars use a wide range of Quaife products for various applications, including close ratio gear kits, sequential gearboxes, differentials and shafts



Tractive Suspension have worked exclusively with MST Cars to develop a bespoke Active Suspension System for use in both the Mk1 and Mk2. This allows the driver to make on-the-move adjustments to the suspension.

Supplied in Touring Line specification to utilise OEM top mounts and developed as a Standalone application, utilising the unique TracTive Digital Driver Interface, this gives you independent control of front and rear damping, mid-corner roll and pitch during corner entry, braking and acceleration – all from the comfort of your cockpit, using our Driver Interface touchscreen controller.

ACE is compared to existing “passive” suspension systems. ACE has an intuitive ability to react to changing road surfaces and conditions. Bumps and compressions mid-corner will be absorbed before you have time to react, easily holding the desired line through a series of high-speed corners without being deflected offline.

The ACE semi-active suspension, initially developed and used extensively on the Porsche 911 models is now available for the classic rear wheel drive Escort Mk1 and Mk2



Established in 2010, Motamec has grown to be a market leader in motorsport parts, equipment and accessories. Motamec manufacture a wide range of high quality products from safety equipment such as FIA race seats & harnesses to fabricated car build components including the full range of AN/JIC motorsport spec hose & fittings. Motamec also supply a extensive range of tools and equipment designed specifically for the automotive and motorsport market.

Motamec supply MST Cars with a range of high end components, including FIA race seats, FIA harnesses, steering wheels, brake, fuel & oil lines, various fabricated alloy tanks


GlobalWorkshop is a new software tool designed solely for the bespoke build, race prep and restoration industry. It allows workshops to easily capture photo & video progress reports from an app on their team’s phones, automatically organised into a chronological history of a build. In turn clients get a portal and free app to login to and see their journey come to life, they can also share this journey with the unique guest pass system. Recently GlobalWorkshop has been expanding features for further workshop management for complete end to end build management.



MST Cars have partnered with Access Business Finance to offer tailored packages to finance your ultimate car build.

The process of arranging specialist finance can be long and complicated, the team of experts at Access Business Finance will work alongside you to build a fully bespoke finance agreement to suit your needs. Proudly partnered with over 45 lenders including high street banks, Access Business Finance can help you acquire your dream car or grow your collection.

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