MST Mk1 & Mk2

Rear wheel drive - Naturally aspirated - Ultra responsive - Rally inspired


Road Car

Brand new, on the road MST Mk2. Built as a classic with a more modern twist, Ideal for touring or a quick blast.

MST Mk2 Touring Road Car

The all new MST Mk1, with loads of character, built to your specification with either Mexico or bubble arches. A true classic made for driving.

MST Mk1 Touring Road Car

Fast Road

Track Car

Based on the Group-4 Rally car, the new fast road MST Mk2 is ideal for high performance driving both on the road and track

MST Mk2 Fast Road & Track Car

Brand new MST Mk1 built for ultimate handling and performance, Based on the classic Group-4 rally car with modern features. 

MST Mk1 Fast Road & Track Car

Group 4

Rally Car

Brand new full rally specification MST Mk2 for competition use, built to the highest standards to modern or historic regulations.

MST Mk2 Group-4 Rally Car

Built for competition, the all new rally spec MST Mk1 can be prepared for a wide range of events, historic rallying, tarmac, gravel or safari.

MST Mk1 Group-4 Rally Car

Ultimate Spec

Rally Car

The ultimate MST Mk2 rally car, featuring the best in modern technology and engineering. Naturally aspirated 350+ BHP

MST Mk2 Ultimate Rally Car

The classic MST Mk1 taken to the next level, the ultimate in power and handing. Pure stage or track car, engineered to win. 

MST Mk1 Ultimate Rally Car

Electric Vehicle

Mk1 & Mk2 Coming Soon...

MST Cars are currently working on a range of EV packages for the Mk1 and Mk2. 

Mk2 Coming Soon

We aim to retain as much as possible of the classic design whilst using modern tech to take these iconic cars into the future.

Mk1 Coming Soon

Special Edition

Historic Rally Inspired

MST Works Edition – Celebrating Roger Clark’s success at the wheel of the iconic Mk1

MST Works Mk1

The Vatanen touch – MST Cars Rothmans Special Edition Mk2, based on the famous rally legend

MST Rothmans Mk2