Mk1 & Mk2


A simple design that works. Based on the most successful rally car of all time, as versatile today as it was in the 1960’s.





Brand new Bodyshells hand built in the UK

Built from the ground up on our special bodyshell assembly jigs, using the latest welding equipment and genuine Magnum panels; most of which are made at the Rochdale, Manchester (UK) manufacturing plant.

Following the assembly of the body panels, the bodyshell is taken to the body-shop for the full bodywork treatment and painting to the colour of your choosing.


  • Type-49 with additional strengthening
  • MST Mk1: Flared ‘Mexico’ or Bubble arches
  • MST Mk2: Standard or ‘Tarmac’ alloy arches
  • Full ‘Group-4’ rally prepared bodyshell

Factory built ‘Group-4’ Bodyshell

The stage 3 & 4 cars are based on the original ‘Group-4’ rally cars of the 70’s. Bodyshells are heavily modified to improve handling and strengthen the car. All ‘Group-4’ bodyshells are built from the ground up with all modifications integrated into the assembly process giving a true factory built ‘Group-4’ specification rally car.


  • Full weld in rollcage to MSA & FIA regs
  • 6 Linked & turreted rear suspension
  • Large transmission tunnels & wheel tubs allowing longer suspension travel

FRONT Suspension


Fast Road & Track

The front MacPherson strut assembly with Bilstein dampers are fully adjustable to suit road or track, adjustable height, camber and castor angles to give fine tuning of the suspension 

Features include:

Motorsport spec Bilstein dampers
Adjustable height 2.25" coilover springs
Adjustbale TCAs & compression struts

Harsh Rally Conditions

Front suspension on the rally cars are upgraded to WRC type modular units that give additional adjustments, improved suspension and steering geometry for ultimate handling.   Stronger components are used for harsh rally conditions.

Optional upgrades:

4 way adjustable WRC spec Reiger or Ohlins dampers
Additional anti roll-bar kits for fine tuning
Extra heavy duty link arms and stub axles for Safari spec cars

Rear Suspension


Road Handling

Fast road and track rear suspension is based on the original tried and tested setup of leaf springs, Bilstein dampers with chassis to axle anti tramp bars.

6 Linked rear Axle

Rear suspension is based on the ‘Group-4’ rally cars that feature heavily modified rear suspension configuration. The 6 link system consists of 4 forward link bars to locate the axle and a Watts linkage system; 2 side facing bars to stop side to side movement of the axle. In addition to the 6 links we have vertically mounted coilovers mounted in turrets welded in to the bodyshell. The rear coiloveres are Bilstein 2.25″ adjustable height with various spring rates.

Optional upgrades:

4 way adjustable WRC spec Reiger or Ohlins dampers
Additional anti roll-bar kits for fine tuning
Heavy duty link arms Safari spec cars



High Ratio Steering Rack

High ratio steering rack and pinion, 2.4 turns lock to lock giving very precise steering and feel.

Optional upgrades:

Extra heavy duty rally spec steering rack for for gravel and Safari cars
Heavy duty spherical bearing, In-situ adjauable track rod ends

Electronic Power Steering

Electronically controlled power assisted steering unit is mounted under the dash and is maintanance free. Fully controlled by the onboard ECU giving variable power assistance depending on speed of the car giving better steering feel at high speed

Various Steering Wheel Options:

Classic deep dish steering wheels
Semi dished or flat steering wheels
Leather or suede rims



AP racing Brake Calpers

AP Racing 4-pot motorsport calipers on the front with various vented disc diameters, based on wheel size. Rear 2-pot calipers on a solid disc with additional  mechanical handbrake mechanism

Optional upgrades:

Various AP-Racing 4 pot calipers 
J-Hook WRC spec brake discs
Various brake pad compounds

Bias Adjustable Pedalbox

Bulkhead mounted bias pedalbox allows the driver to adjust front to rear brake bias. Master cylinders are UK made by Girling and stainless steel braided brake hose lines are used throughout

Optional upgrades:

Floor mounted pedalbox for race or rally cars
In line hydraulic handbrake
Brake proportioning valves



2.5L Ford Duratec Engine

The new naturally aspirated Ford Duratec 2.5L engine on billet alloy throttle bodies offers 200 BHP and plenty of torque, with various map settings for road or track.

Features include:

Alloy head & block
ATR billet alloy fuel injection throttle bodies
Billet alloy sump
Stainless steel Simpson exhaust manifold and system
High efficiency alloy radiator
Life Racing ECU
Lightweight flywheel & heavy duty clutch

Millington Diamond & BDG Engine Upgrade Options

Engine can be upgraded to BDG that is setup for road or full rally/race trim for a competition spec car. For the ultimate modern engine we offer the 2.5L Millington Diamond with power up to 350 BHP in full rally/trace trim

Optional upgrades:

2.0L Ford BDG Engine 250+ BHP
2.5L Millington Diamond Engine 300+BHP
Dry sump and oil cooling systems

Fuel system


Throttle Bodies Fuel Injection

Precision engineered fuel injection, ATR Billet alloy throttle bodies. Centrally mounted alloy fuel tank in the boot carries 12 gallons of fuel. Motorsport spec fuel pump and filter systems feed the engine with high pressure fuel via stainless steel braided lines and lightweight Aerospace alloy fittings

Optional upgrades:

2.0L Ford BDG Engine 230+BHP
2.5L Millington Diamond Engine 300+BHP
Dry sump and oil cooler systems

Motorsport Fuel systems

Various fuel injection systemsd are available depending on the engine used for maximum power. For historic spec race and rally cars mechanical Lucas or Kugelfischer systems can be used to meet regulations.

Optional upgrades:

Twin fuel pump setups
Lucas or Kugelfischer mechanical fuel injection



6 Speed H-Pattern Gearbox

Gearbox options include the MX5 based H-pattern 6-speed or a 5-speed, type-9 with heavy duty internals & close ratio gears. Helical or straight cut gears for motorsport use. For rally use dog engagement gearboxes can also be fitted.

Optional upgrades:

5 or 6 speed H Pattern
Helical or straight cut gears
Synchro or dog engagement

6-Speed Sequential Upgrade Options

Gearbox can be upgraded to a sequential 5 or 6 speed, more suited for motorsport use they can also be used for the road and track. Available with quieter running helical gears or straight cut for full on competition use. Additional upgrades include flat shift and steering wheel mounted paddle shift systems

Optional upgrades:

Various sequential gearboxes from Quaife, Tractive, Drenth etc.
Flat shift and paddle shift systems
Quick release gearboxes
Transmission oil cooler systems



Super Strong Atlas Axle

The Atlas is a super strong, tried and tested axle, originally fitted to the Capri and later used by the works rally team for reliability. Nearly all Mk1 & Mk2 rally cars today use an Atlas axle.

Features include:

Low ratio final drive for increased acceleration
Torque biasing or limited slip differential
Heavy duty half shafts
Additional alloy bracing

Limited Slip Differential

The Group-4 rally spec cars Atlas axles are upgraded to the fully floating version, these include large alloy hubs with twin taper bearings allowing the shaft to be fully floating, ie the weight of the car is supported by the hub and not the shaft. Rally axles include a Gripper Motorsport spec LSD.

Optional upgrades:

Various brake calipers and discs, 2 or 4 pot calipers
Gripper Motorsport spec LSD
Special lightweight axle for tarmac rally cars
Toe correction kits



The Classic Minilite Wheel

Our road cars are supplied with genuine Minilite wheels as standard. Wheels are generally 13″ or 15″ diameter with various widths depending on body type and surfaces car will be used on. All wheels are ‘Group-4’ fitting, a super strong wheel stud as used on the works rally cars.

Optional upgrades:

13″, 15″ and 17″ + wheels available
Various brands include Revolution, Image, Compomotive etc.
Wide range of colour options available including bespoke painting service

Race or Rally Tyres

We offer a wide range of tyre brands, sizes and compounds, best suited for road, track, tarmac rally, gravel etc. Typical fast road cars will have Kumho Ecsta V70A

Optional upgrades:

Wide range of tyre brands available

E marked tyres for road use
Moulded slicks for tarmac rally & race
Wide range of tread patterns and rubber compounds
Gravel, safari, snow tyres can also be supplied



Full Bespoke Interior Trim

For the road cars the interior can be trimmed based on the origonal or can be custom trimmed to your requirements by your bespoke trimmers, the options are endless

Optional upgrades:

Original Mk1 / Mk2 type interior
Bespoke interior: carpets, door cards, roof lining etc
Various seat options available, classic or modern
Classic or modern dashboard layout

Lightweight Stripped out Interior

For our rally car builds weight saving takes priority. We have  a vast range of FIA race seats, harnesses, steering wheels etc. With a wide range of other interior safety equipment also available

Optional upgrades:

Race seats & harnesses including Motamec FIA range
Motorsport equipment include: intercom, in-car camera,
Fire extinguishers, hand held and plumbed in electrical systems



Road & Touring Accessories

Accessories and upgrades to the Mk1 & Mk2 are endless, we offer a wide range of parts and accessories for your fast road or touring car. If the parts are not available off the shelf we can probably source or have them specially made for you.

Optional upgrades include:

Spotlamps, lamp pods, LED lights
Mudflaps and various guards
Fire extinguishers, jacks, tool kits etc.

Motorsport Accessories

We offer a wide range motorsport accessories from various mechanical upgrades to spares packages and on event service equipment. Please contact us to discuss for your requirements.

Accessories options:

Spare wheels & tyres
Spare parts packages
On even service equipment
Workshop equipment


FINANCE – coming soon